Is Development version is "yes" returns TRUE in LIVE version!

Hi All,

I am not sure if I am the only one facing this issue. I deployed my App in production and I am using the URL without version-test in it. I have two set of APIs (dev and prod). I noticed that dev API is always called in prod.

Any clue? Am I missing something? Any settings?


@emmanuel, any clue?

I recommend filing a bug report if this is the case. This sounds like it could be a big deal.

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Major issue! Not sure if I am the only one facing this issue.

Can’t recreate your issue I am afraid.

We tested as well and cannot reproduce the bug.

Hi @emmanuel, @NigelG, @andrewgassen

Thanks for the quick response and checking the issue…I think I know what happened.

I did a basic test to check if Is Development version was returning the right information and I was able to confirm it is the case.

So, the only explanation is that when the developer installed the PROD API in the API Connector, he used the DEV API and then he replaced the URL without initiating the action again. Therefore, I thought that Is Development version was not working properly. I need to confirm but I am pretty sure that is what happens. I will ask him to install the PROD API and confirmed that he got a successful response from the backend.

As a lesson learned, it would be good to detect if Bubble can implement a mechanism to detect when there a mismatch between the URL configured in the API and and the one actually installed. Not sure if it is quick thing but it would have helped for troubleshooting.

My bad, I should have double checked before reporting an important issue like this one.


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