Is email address in User database? (Input validation)

This is probably more UI than database. But I didn’t see that option

I have an email address input field inside my app.

It’s very simple. The user just types in an email address. Ideally they are typing in the email address of another user.

I’m trying to have the app search through the user database for the entered email address to make sure it is one of our users already.


  1. is it possible to trigger an event based on losing focus of an element? As in, when they click away from the email input box, onto something else, can I trigger a workflow from that to do my database search?

  2. is there some other way to achieve this functionality if I cannot trigger from that? Basically I would like the text box to turn red and a pop up or even just a button to allow them to invite this person to my app if not found.

You do not need to trigger an event.

You can add text as validation message and set condition to show that text bases on search.

You can do the same with submit button, add condition to disable button in case there is an email address in database

That was a pretty quick and correct response. Thank you!

Starting to wonder if I can figure a pop up from the same logic. I will take a look myself before asking.

Actually, I take my last post back. It might be best to just check for the Red email address on the submit button workflow and send out the invitation to join at that time. So this is perfect. It works perfectly. Thank you so much!

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