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Is it best practice to attach list of things to users?


whenever I create a new thing that is managed by a user (e. g. appointments), I wonder if I should also store the new thing in a user attribute or not. My understanding is that there are two options:

Option A) Create appointment - (going forward, related user is identified via the “created by” field on appointment)

  • Pro: Fast creation
  • Con: Whenever a repeating group shall display all appointments for a user, a Search function needs to be setup

Option B) (1) Create appointment, (2) add thing to "User’s appointments"

  • Pro: Easy to handle going forward - no search function needed to show all of the user’s appointments in a repating group
  • Con: Longer creation time because user needs to be updated during creation step

My question is: What is the better approach performance-wise? How do you handle these scenarios and why?

  • (A) Use “Created By” field to identify owner of thing - do not add dedicated field to user data type
  • (B) Collect new thing on user level (e. g. User’s appointments)

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Hello @mmm


@cmarchan - I cannot thank you enough! Just spend an hour reading using your links. There are some true pearls of bubble wisdom in there. I need to redesign my data types completely.

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