Is it possible to build a Shopify SaaS app with bubble?

Hello good people,

As the title says - is it possible to build a Shopify SaaS app with Bubble (and publish it on the Shopify app marketplace)?

I saw “Shopify is language-agnostic, so you can choose the programming language you’re most familiar with and the frameworks you are most comfortable with.” and wondered am I able to do so?

If yes, are there any bottle-neck/common issues so that it is not very handy?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi @petrovic.teodor- were you able to accomplish this?

I am very very sure, You cant build serious Ecommerce Related SasS with bubble yet.

The biggest issue that hold Bubble Down is still Concurrency.

Stock = 1
If near sametime, more than 2 user made the purchase.
Stock will still possible become -1

Google or search this forum. Concurrency issue is still unsolved.