Is it possible to combine two fonts styles into the same text element?

I know the simple answer would be to dig into rich text and adjust HTML.
However, I have a small problem with this solution.
I’m using custom uploaded fonts in my app that matches my branding design, and I can’t reference my custom font within rich text.
I also know that the workaround would be to have two (or more) text elements, but the issue here is that I need to achieve this in my H1 title, so having multiple elements would impact SEO.
Any ideas?

Here is an example of my branding design to see if someone can help out. See that my title mixes Barosans and New Yorkies font (both uploaded).

Could you do a custom CSS ID for that particular part of the message? Similar to how you do it with normal HTML?

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How do I reference custom/uploaded fonts on CSS? Trying to figure out in my mind best way to do it

Not the cleanest setup but you could do a row group with 3 text elements. Fit to width on each. Won’t be SEO friendly so make sure it’s design only.

Update: do it with rich text editor Inside a text element:
Business [font=Franklin Gothic URW condensed Book]Advertising[/font]

Font= custom font name from general tab in app settings.


Appreciate it Chris. Believe it have worked!

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