Is it possible to control the sequence of Steps in the Workflow?

How can I control the sequence of Steps in the Workflow? I have 40+ Steps (changes in database) in the workflow after a new User sign in. All that takes a bit of time. I want to show a popup “Please wait while we configure your database” at the beginning and “Success” at the end of the workflow and close that popup. Unfortunately, all the steps performs simultaniuosly and that popup isn’t showing, only the page seems not responding for a few seconds.

Add pause steps in your workflow, that’ll make sure it runs the way you want. The workflow step you’re looking for is “Add a pause before the next step”.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. The “wait” popup didn’t show:

Put the Purple Pause Workflow after the first Red Show popup and it will work :smiley:

Yep, I was able to see the “wait” popup for 500ms :slight_smile:
But all the time while database was generated I saw " sign up" popup for about 10 seconds…
The purpose of “wait” popup was to give the user knowledge that he/she has to wait a few seconds while database is generated.
It seems that is not possible to show something while the database is generated

The thing I would do when working with such a data-intensive signup workflow is simplify what the user sees, then send a backend workflow request and process server-side over the next minute.

What I suggest is to change it from being a popup to some text element instead, that’s what I do.

So in the start of the workflow you’d change a state value, then on the text element you’d add a condition to show it when the state value = X. In the last part of the workflow, you’d remove the state value.

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Yep, that will work. But unfortunately I’m on a free plan now and that feature is not possible :slight_smile:

Tried with changing status to replace the “sign up” group with “wait” group. Doesn’t work either :frowning:
Probably, database creation is starting even before the first step (sign the user in)

Yes it’s possible he just explained how to do it. You have to sign up for a paid plan and then it will work. I’m not sure how successful you will be asking for ways to circumvent paying for something.

I do find it curious though how so many people don’t pay for it being as Bubble is so inexpensive.

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:+1: for the sentiment here, but what the OP is running into is that Bubble has kind of an interesting optimization around database operations. When you “Create a New Thing”, the unique ID of the Thing is created client side and the values of the fields of the Thing actually do exist for that user’s session. However, the actual creation of the Things (back on the server) might be substantially delayed.

I’ve demonstrated this before in at least one video about List Shifter’s Iterate feature. (You can make a workflow that creates a Thing, iterate over it thousands of times and think that you’ve created thousands of things in the database in seconds, but of course these things will in fact take hours to create in the database, but they are very real as long as you stay on the current page.)

I think the bigger question is what the fuck is a “Button” and why is the OP trying to create 48 of them? They’re obviously doin’ it rong, but it’s hard to blame them as (whatever it is they are trying to do) there is no (obvious) iteration in vanilla Bubble.

@gs1, whatever it is you are trying to do, you are doing it wrong. You might best be served by opening a new topic called “OMG, I Came Up with This Completely Derpy Workflow That’s Obviously Wrong, Please Help” and then describe what it is that you’re attempting to do.

There’s literally, actually no reason to create 48 database objects that (AFAICT from your screenshot) represent “Buttons”.

You’re right in some way, it is only $29 a month, less that 10 cups of coffee. But I’m doing so many things online and have 20+ different services. If I won’t be careful with what I’m paying for, my bills will grows exponentially. That means, I always skip paying immediately while I’m learning and not sure for 100% in the usefulness of the service.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Probably, I’m wrong somewhere and will do that differently when will be more experienced

The best option for you is to install List Shifter. During the shifting, you can show the modal. I’ve also done this recently on a real estate project with 500+ listings at the same time.

p.s. I do agree with other comments related to structuring your database properly.

Will try that List Shifter. Thank you for the suggestion

I need to give every new user a page with 46 stickers of empty tasks. Later the user can modify the task.
The flow I created looks next: when a new user sign up, it creates 46 new Buttons/Tasks in database (every task has a Name, Description, Unique ID, User as creator). Then user can assign/change the Name and Description of every task separately by clicking on it.

Inside the list shifter process, make sure you create the data as a scheduled workflow. You might need to add a pause of 0.250 ms at the start of the iteration to prevent timeouts.

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