Is it possible to create one map that displays markers from multiple data sources?

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I am pretty new to Bubble and have run in to my first real challenge. I’m creating an app where users can search for different types of events, and ideally, you could find these events through a map visual and click on whatever marker is close/seems interesting. I am thinking about how to display it and it seems like it might be challenging because I want markers for places that already exist using the GooglePlaces API as well as markers for events posted up by users on a case by case basis. I don’t have the workflow totally figured out, but I figure that it would require multiple data sources. Does anyone have any thoughts on trying to do this?

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I haven’t worked with maps yet (later phase of my app). But perhaps you can have a selector or filter which will switch between data sources (ie. User added events). Not a great way, but it might get you started.

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That’s actually a great idea!

Hi Matt,

For the events posted up you can use Do a search for in the fiel Data source of the map. Let´s say to post an event, the user must use a picture, so you can set this picture on the map.
For places already existed you might set them in a RG and get these data also like this:

Search for events and rg Places´s list of places

I use a list of users coming from a RG: see below