Is it possible to display two different elements in a group or should I create two groups?

Hey guys, Ive been tweaking with this all day but I cant seem to figure out the solution. How can I display 2 different input results in one single place by the click of a button?

So far this is what I got: Bubble Application

I hope my questions are not too newbie-like, I went through the tutorials but I didnt see any example like this.

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here the editor in case you can see it:

I haven’t looked at your editor but if what you’re trying to do is end up with the values of both inputs as your group’s text, you could just have one display data action and set the value to input 1’ value input 2’s value.

Ill try that out

hey Louisa, I only have the option to display one piece of data at a time. Or did you mean something different?


I thought your group was of type text, not a data type: animal. If the group’s content type is a data type then yes, you’ll only be able to set it to one record from that data type. It also seems that your group is in a repeating group, which will also likely constrain you to one record per cell. What are you really trying to achieve with this? If, as your original question implied you simply want to display the values of two inputs, you may not need a reporting group or a group at all. A text control may suffice. By the way, your app editor is not accessible. You need to make it public from the app settings.

By text control do you mean this?


and when you say to take it public do you mean to make it live?


Here the live editor: animals | Bubble Editor

I should have said Text element but yes, that is what I meant.

Your app is still not available. You need to make it so that it isn’t private. You can set that here:

Thanks, it should be ready by now then: animals | Bubble Editor

What Id like my app to able able to do is basically 3 things:
1.- To visualize the animals in a table and add new ones (done)
2.- To only visualize certain info in the main page (like the name) and to see the rest of the info in a popup when pressing details (here is where I have trouble and I am not sure if I should create a group in the popup and use Display Data or just with a text element as you said. Have tweaked a lot with this but cant seem to nail it).
3.- For last Id like to be able to filter the animals by type but I guess thats a problem to solve later.

Thanks for the help!

Okay, so for #2 you were almost there. Your issue was that in the popup to display an animal’s details, you put each text element in its own group and didn’t set each of those groups to inherit the parent (popup)'s animal. It isn’t necessary to put each text element in a group but if you do so, you must set the group’s data source to be its parent’s animal.

Anyway, I created a new page called animals2, so you can see how it works.

For #3, you need to assign each animal a classification in your database, so for each animal, you would say whether it is a mammal or reptile. Then on the click event of the Show Only Mammals button, you would set the repeating group’s data source to show only animals with type = mammal. You would do then do the same for reptiles.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Louisa! Let me try this out

Hi Louis, I created the animals app again and 2.- worked!

Now I was trying to go for 3.- filter the list so a button would show me only the reptiles but I got only halfway there, basically I got to make it show only mammals or reptiles if I changed the data source in the repeating group.


However I couldn’t make this happen when clicking the button ‘show only reptiles’. I played with the ‘make changes to thing’ and ‘make changes to a list of things’. Are these the methods Im supposed to use to change the data source or is there another one that Im missing?


Take a look at your app now. I added a Display list action (Element Actions > Repeating Group > Display list) when the button is clicked.

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Just got the chance to look at it. Awesome!

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Hi again Louis!

I wanted to show you my progress and ask you a question if you dont mind.

Here is my app:

I transformed it into a job site (its in spanish) where you can created job posts and see other job posts people have created. There is one thing that is not working as I wanted though; there are two scroll-downs, one for the index and another one for the repeating group, which makes the experience annoying, specially on mobile.

Do you know if there is a way so there is just one scroll down functionality for the whole page instead of two?

Do you mean that you don’t want a scroll-bar in your RG? If so try changing the Layout style of the RG to full list. I think you currently have it set to Vertical scrolling…

It worked and so easy!

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