Is it possible to embed an interactive 3D model in Bubble app?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build an app where a user is given a human model and he/she can move the model and give it a difference appearance (e.g. changing the color of the cloth, hairstyle etc). The change will be saved into the Bubble database and retrieved. I have done some preliminary search on incorporating WebGL, OpenGL or Unity 3D but have not got a clear idea of how to embed these assets into the Bubble app. Any idea?



I’m looking for the same thing, can anyone help?

Any updates in this matter?

acho que nao existe

Hey! I just made a micro-app that allows you to upload 3d models and get an embed code to add them to your website/app.

We have more functions coming up but we are testing still the market and understanding the users needs.

You can try it here, it’s free and no sign up required.

We also have a more robust platform if you would like to try it. You need to sign up for this one but you have access to a dashboard and more features.

I would love to exchange with anybody who tries it to understand better what you need :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

Hey, any updates on this topic? Does anyone manage to build an app like this?
I have a similar idea and I’m looking for the tool in which I can build it.

Hey , Any updates? :slight_smile: