Is it possible to hide the loading bar at the top of the page?

Lots of places where this is necessary, like making API calls when user likes or unlikes an item with data going to Xano or Supabase, etc.

Not seeing any plugins for this or internal functionality.

Hi there, @vadim.vozmitsel… I have never tried it, but maybe this post will do the trick… can’t hurt to check it out.


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Just remember to put something in its place. Users need to know the page is doing something.

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I’ll just change its color to transparent. Go to Settings>General>Progress bar color. See image below.


This is super Ben, appreciate the solution and what an easy fix, I didn’t even think of that. Amazing how such simple things can be overlooked!

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Mike, thank you very much, also a great workaround and I will keep this and use it in situations where app wide the bar will remain and I need more granular control across pages and where to show it or hide it!

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100% Troy, thank you for the tip and indeed, this is definitely an essential step in good UX, dead or invisible actions or waiting periods really stifle pro results!

Glad I could help!

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