Is it possible to set privacy role not for users but for fields?

Hi, I want user to choose data private or not that is a part of public table.

I prepared the form which has some inputs and I want user can choose one of them public or private.
E.g. “tweet table” has tweet, user who posted, user who liked this tweet(list) and how many user liked this tweet, and people can read every contents by default .
In this case, I want to let user choose private or not about “how many user liked” .

So, is this correct?
1.Creating a check box “is number-of-likes private?” in form and tweet table(yes/no).
2.Setting in privacy role of tweet table , when tweet table’s “is this tweet private?” is yes.
3. Checking “tweet”, “user who posted” and "user who liked this tweet "in view all fields in "Users who match this rule can… "setting.

I thought about creating yes/no data for “is number-of-likes private?” in the user table, but my plan is to add a collaborative editing feature, and in this case, I wasn’t sure how it would behave if multiple editors had different settings. Also, this time I used tweets as an example, but it would be better to be able to set the privacy role for each content, so I wanted to do this for tables, not users.

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Use a “Number of likes are private?” Yes/No field on the tweet, and make it default to yes.
In privacy rules, create a conditional “When this tweet’s - number of likes are private - is no”, and let this privacy rule access the number of likes of the tweet as well as the users who liked this tweet.
In the “Everyone else” category, allow for all fields except for the Number of likes are private and Who liked the tweet.

Regarding the collaborative editing, this can easily be done using this setup. Just use a native checkbox which autobinds to the “Number of likes are private” field, and make sure to allow autobinding to the collaborating users using a separate privacy rule.

I dont understand what you mean by “Privacy rules for tables instead of users”… privacy rules are for data tables.

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Thank you very much for helping me.
I was under the impression that the privacy rules apply to the entire table or items in the users table.

I’ll try co-editing as you said.
Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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