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Is it the best practice to delete all default styles in

Hi bubblers,

Is it best practice to delete all styles that comes by default in when you create your new app. will Doing this will increase the speed of my web app.

Actually it creates confusion with by default styles in style tab as i have my own style guide.

So what you think, deleting all styles is a great move and adding our own css styles.
best regards
Priyanshu goyal
Founder at

I’d delete the standards and create your own.

  1. But why only standards,why not whole default styles.

  2. Will deleting all default styles ( meaning emptying the styles tab and creating our own ) will have effect on my bubble’s performance.


Styles load once on the page. With no styles the page receives excessive data.

The use of styles avoids over-loading the browser.

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I hadn’t even thought of the weight that inlining all the styles can add if you do it for each element.

Yeap it does

I’ve always been curious about the numbers behind this. Is there a way to measure this? Has someone ever done a comparison?

At the start of building anything, i go to my settings and click the button to clean up the app. Then i make sure i delete the remaining styles and basically delete every element from all the pages so I can rebuild from scratch. I find it to be easier in my opinion

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