Is Sheetsu out of business?

All, last week I signed up for Sheetsu @ $39 per month which includes priority support.

On using @levon plugin to try and update a Google sheet I keep getting 500 Internal Server Error.

I’ve emailed (many times) and replied to their welcome emails to raise the issue. No response.

Causes for concern

No response to emails (direct mail or reply to)
The chat box offering 7 days a week support that they say is on the website doesn’t exist.
500 Internal Server Error when trying to update (although adding a record to Google Sheets works?!) last update was 16th March 2018 (about 6 weeks ago)
Social media (Twitter and Facebook) were last updated around 12th February 2018 (over 2 months ago)
I’ve dropped $39 a month on a product that doesn’t work and is unsupported.
The only way to cancel the subscription is to email them!


Does anybody know what’s going on with Sheetsu?
Has anyone had contact with them in the last week(s)?
Is writing, reading and adding working for them?
Are there any (hopefully cheaper) alternatives to Sheetsu?
Any ideas how I might snag a refund if they’re not / can’t respond to email?

Thanks, in advance Bubblers.


this does not look very promising

Great. I signed up and paid just last week and paid cobubble to explain to me how to use it. Great investment. LOL. Explains the errors I’ve been getting the past few days but haven’t looked into while working on something else.

But this works. ??

maybe i’m reading their status page wrong then… shows DISABLED…last checked 16th March

If its costing you guys that much to update a google sheet how about I push my google sheets plugin, and I will do your JSON Web Token so your app can read/write/create sheets without a middle man & the app can then auth itself?


That would be awesome!

Very surprised to learn about this, they used to be very responsive to any emails, real time chats. I think you can also get a refund through a complain addressed to your card issuer.
Meanwhile, you could check our google sheets plugins (just search them in the plugin install window).
Hope that would help.

Are you guys mainly using sheetssu to access a users own sheets or using them as your own databases/downloads/app owed sheets?

@jarrad @levon

My intention (as yet untested) was to use this approach for a faster way to run date and number calculations for a financial forecasting app. I have the calculations running and working in app but it takes way too long (15-20 minutes to update 60 records per transaction) and is prone to inconsistent skipped or incorrect fields and evaluations.

Ideally, like in Excel or Google Sheets, this would happen more or less instantaneously.

I’d subscribed to Sheetsu to try and see if Google sheets would allow me to write a few field values and return the date and number values I need, then I would take it from there to try and integrate a faster, more reliable solution to the core functionality of my app.

So, in answer to your question to use as an app owned sheet.

If this could be a solution I’d be very interested in what you could achieve with your direct plug in(s).

This is a good approach however for your case specifically, a service I offer is custom app scripts and this method would be from your point of view, 1 api call --> all data calculated --> same return call containing results.

Really the choice between the method is best answered by what you think you will need going forward, if your happy making sheet functions and what not then the plugin method will mean you can continue to make what ever you want and the custom script method would mean a specific set of calculations (you can have many - call them modes) but obviously if your not a programmer then extending this in the future would be harder than the plugin.

Thanks Jarrad, my approach is to get as far as I can by learning as I go. The plug in option allows me to iterate. However the custom script does sound interesting but perhaps not until I’ve bottomed out all the variations. This has happened to a certain degree in that I know what I’m up against. Essentially quite simple but the execution via / through Bubble results in so many workarounds to try and error trap and report progress etc.

Soon (ish) I’ll be closer to fully understanding the apps needs.

In the short term the plug in approach may be the best fit and then swap out with a custom script later.

Not sure really.

I know it’s frustrating at all levels trying to do it without either a script or plug in to date.

I can replicate what I need in sheet functions so in the short term will opt for that for the moment.

@levon will your Sheets plugin do what I need?

Well reading and writing data to google sheets should be possible with out Google Sheets plugin, you can give it a try and see if you manage to do that.
meanwhile I took down the sheetsu plugin so no-one else falls prey to their being out of business but keeping receiving payments approach.

Did you guys want to have a quick look at the actions that are available so far and let me know what else you might want added. cheers

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Well you already have a nice range of actions there, it is great !

Your action : “Copy Sheet to Another” can it create a brand new copied sheet on another spreadsheet ? Or should we have to pass by “Create Spreadsheet” then "Copy sheet to Another ?


I can have it copy a sheet inside a spreadsheet, then change its position inside the spreadsheet or move sheets to other spreadsheets or you can in one action reference a complex range of cells, columns and rows and batch append those to another spreadsheet.

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This looks really interesting. Is it something you have already launched? I signed up for an account on your website and don’t see it in the listed services.

Hm… I wonder what’s going on. I also noticed that their chat/community thing has been emptied out. I’ve posted in here a few times:

Not a working number. They took my money though. :rage: