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Is there a Max # of fields that can be pulled into bubble through an API call?

I’m trying to pull in 220 fields of data via an api through into my bubble app. It initializes with no issues. when i try to call it through a text box the field list won’t populate. I was able to successfully pull in a subset of this data using the api connector but that was only about 10 fields.

You mean in run mode? Do you have a link so that we can try?

I’m running into issues when IAn configure the text box to display the item to be pulled from the api. i get to the point in the screen shot and there is no menu with the fields from the api for me to select from. I hit click and nothing happens.

Here’s what i see when it works:

In order to work around this i’m was able to break up the api into different pieces on and implement them individually in the bubble api connector. But i’d like to know for future reference if there is a limit to the number of fields. i was able to successfully get a menu of 96 fields in one of my smaller apis.

There shouldn’t be, though to be honest 200 entries in the menu isn’t ideal.