Is there a plug that could do magnifying glass effect?

Hi! Is there a plug that could do magnifying glass effect and enlarge picture while hoovering on it with the mouse. Function that e-commerce websites use. Thanks.

I don’t know that there is a plugin for this, but you can accomplish it with some conditions on the image element. I use this in one of mine.

-Create an image element for a thumbnail.
-Create a group (or pop-up) and place a larger image element. Make this group not visible on load.
-Set a condition on the “large image group” like this: when thumbnail is hovered this group is visible.
-set a second condition on the same group like this: when this group is hovered this element is visible.

This will make your large image appear only when the thumbnail is hovered (or clicked if you prefer). And it will stay visible as long as the user has their mouse hovered on the large image.

Someone else may have a better way of doing it, but this works very well.

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@d.norkus see the one created by @PWC PWC Plugin List

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