Is there a way to change the layout of a group conditionally?

E. G. If width is under 600, make it a column.

Hi there, @brenton.strine… the short answer to your question is no, and I think there might be an idea on the ideaboard for it that you can upvote if you’d like.


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Thanks for the answer and thanks for the links.

I’m pretty motivated to find a workaround, even if it’s extremely cumbersome.

I wonder if there’s some way to fake this by using workflows and hiding items selectively. The catch is I need it to work for an arbitrary number of items.

Hey @brenton.strine - couldn’t you just hide/show an entire group to accomplish this? (No it’s not sexy, but ya know, Bubble.)

Edit: and obvs this could be a condition so no workflow nonsense required.

Yep, but I’m looking for a solution that will work for X instances in an automated way.

I suppose I could make a reusable element which has the various layout options and conditionals to hide them… but then I’d need to somehow pass the content of the reusable in. But I bet I could find a way to make that work…

Sure wish real Components were a thing, that would actually really help in this (and oh so many more) situation.

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