Is there a way to make numbered map marker icons like airbnb


I want to make the markers exactly like this!

I am also looking for this feature.

Hey, I think this plugin might be what you’re looking for: Airbnb-like Price Marker Map 🗺️ Plugin | Bubble

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Hello, I bring up the subject because I am also looking for a way to make a map like airbnb.

But the mentioned plugin does not work (no map is displayed, even on the demo).
I tried on my side following all the instructions but still no map.

And the other map plugins generally allow you to change the image of the marker but not to replace it with a text linked to the data (like the price).

Any ideas ?


you can use the leafy maps plugin and pass the html code instead of image too.

Thanks for the reply, i tried leafy map . Is it here that you say that we can put html? Seems weird to me but I don’t see any other place.
Probably not the right text, it doesn’t display anything, if you have an example that would be great

Yes, That’s the place.