Is there a way to prevent users from right-clicking on the screen?

As mentioned in the title,
Is there a way to prevent users from right-clicking on the screen?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has knowledge about this could provide guidance.

Hi there, @narushima.takanori… check out this thread and/or this plugin.


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You can also use Bubble’s own plugin Mouse & Keyboard Interactions for this:


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It is quite 2000’s. Why would you want this?

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Oh, right… forgot all about that… and so has Bubble, from what I’ve read. :wink:

Yup, that was my first thought on this one, too, but I’ve given up on wondering why folks do what they do. One thing is for sure, though… if you find yourself putting effort into trying to stop users from doing stuff like right-clicking or taking screenshots of your pages, you are doing it (whatever it is) wrong, and you aren’t going to succeed in stopping anyone from doing what they want to do anyway. But folks got their reasons, and who am I to judge (he said somewhat judgingly). :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much.
I solved the problem by implementing the plugin using the URL you provided.

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Thanks for the advice.
It looks like we can achieve this with the plugin you provided.

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Since this is a platform for posting illustrations and photos, the purpose is to prevent users from using them without permission.
Of course, it would be meaningless if the developer tools were used, but we think it is better than not implementing it.

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I confirm. It is useless. Especially on mobile.

Watermark your pictures if permission is such an issue.

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It is set on the webapp screen.
I chose to prohibit right-click because watermarking would spoil the design & is troublesome to implement.
I don’t think that right-click prohibition will spoil usability in particular.

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