Is there a way to save an app to be displayed only on mobile?

Hi everyone!
I want to make an app suitable to mobile, at first.
I wouldn’t like people access it by computer.
However, I dont like to create an apk app.

I want people access it by link only by mobile.


You can choose the desktop version page and the mobile version of the same page which will transfer mobile users to the mobile page.

It should be a setting on the page itself. Just choose which page is your mobile page, then it will redirect there.

Would that solve your problem you think?

Or maybe just hide everything if the screen size is larger than (insert number here).

By the way, welcome to the Bubble community!

Thanks very much for replaying.
Can I create these version on bubble when I build up the app , or it is generate automatically to the users when thay access the default link of the page?

Mobile Version

So when you choose this option and the user is on this page (index in my example) you choose here in the dropdown which page you want to send the user to. You need to create a mobile friendly page that it can go to. Then just choose the mobile friendly page from the dropdown. Bubble will detect if the user is on a mobile or not automatically.

Does that make sense?

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Hope that helps! :blush:

On the index page you can just display something like, “Desktop version is not available yet” or something like that.

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