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Is there a way to send email attachments?

This seems like it would be a standard feature, but the regular email workflow functionality doesn’t seem to allow this. Is there a way to send attachments with email messages (and I’m therefore incredibly blind) or is this not a feature?

It’s not yet a feature. Right now users have done this with a link to the file in the attachment (which I actually think is a good UX).


Any way to generate a CSV and attach to a Thing via a custom field of “file” type? I’m trying to take output of the Download CSV action and reference this step in the WF to append CSV file to a user–>[attachment] field.

The issue is CSV takes several minutes to generate, so would rather store it and send via email (or surface a “Download” button later when CSV is available on the User thing) than expose a “Download” button to user and make them watch the paint dry while the scheduled API workflow generates the file.