Is there a way / tool to run sql on my bubble database?

Is there a way / plugin to run sql on my bubble database? I’d like to generate some basic reports without needing to create them through ‘Search fors’ that display data on a page or write API post calls to do so.

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Hello, actually have the same question, any updates?

No there isn’t, is the short answer.

Unless you push your data elsewhere.

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Thank you for the short answer!
I’m pretty sure my task is doable without external data movements.
Based on the action i need to update the content of the table B taking as a source table A, simplified sql query is next:
insert into B
select t2.field1, t2.field2 - t1.field2
from A as t1, A as t2
Is it possible to make this within “Make changes to a list of things…” action?