Is there an easy way to create open/closing times?

Hey guys,
Trying to create opening and closing times for venues but can’t seem to find a good way to do it. There’s another thread on here that shows one way to do it but it doesn’t allow for times that that go late from one day into the next.

Is there an easy way to do this or perhaps a plugin? I searched but haven’t found anything.

I did it with certain dates.

So i just chose a random week from the last year. Lets they calendar week 40.

It goes from monday to sunday, so i saved a list of date ranges to my database.

First entry: Range from Monday 20st October 2020 13:00, to Monday 20st October 19:00

Second entry: Range from Tuesday 21nd October 2020 12:00 to Tuesday 21nd October 20:00

and so on…

then you can access those entries and change the date range

and of course you then you choose date time format: custom and just display dd for day HH:MM for hours and minutes and don’t display the date.

That works great for me.

Hi - I couldn’t find anything existing to suit my use on a directory site I am working on so I built this solution.

Here are some screen shots - let me know if that is what you are looking for and I can give you more details.

Add the hours

Display the hours
Edit the hours

Hey paul,
Yes this is very similar to what i’m looking for, can you provide more details please?

Quick question, on the edit hours section, why is Monday repeating itself?

Thank you

How do you do it with Mon-Sun every week reoccuring? Also what does your datatype look like and how do you go about displaying it?

Its just one certain week. You can choose any week in the past or future. You just dont display the whole date, you just display day name and hours of this certain week.

Hi - sorry for delay…

I have done a quick demo for you - hope it helps

For the demo I am just loading 1st listing data onto page and then saving the open hours data to the listing.

I have used option sets - so check those out

How do you deal with times going past midnight?

I would just put the am time in there - I think people would work out what it means for a late night venue eg. Friday 7pm - 2am

I mean showing to the person in real time if the venue is open or not.

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