Is there any quick or easy way to space out input fields on a layout nicely?

Hi everyone, if I’m making a system that has multiple input boxes for entry, is there any way to quickly space them out properly? For example, if my input boxes are all 200 pixels wide and 34 tall, and then I want them to line up, but have 5 pixels of space between the top and bottom of the next one. Right now I always just look at the X Y axis to make sure the left side of them align properly, but any time I add a new field it’s a pain trying to get the spacing right. I end up having to just do the math by hand, like if I have one field that’s on 200 for Y, I know that it ends at basically 234, so then I add 5 to that to be 239 and then put the next field at 239 and so on but just wondering if there’s any built in way to do that easier or if this is the best. Thanks!

You can move any object 5 pixels through using shift & the arrow keys. You could also make each field into a group and add a 5 pixels margen at the bottom and then copy that group and place it right under the group above.

If you select multiple elements, then you can use the options in the “Arrange” menu to vertically/horizontally distribute the space between them. You can also align them by left, right, top, or bottom.


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