Is this a Server or Client Operation?

Would the following averaging equation be ran Server side or Client side?

Search for Thing:   each item's Number:   average

Im wondering because the search returns could return a very large number of things (>10,000), so i wouldnt want this running client side.

There are no advanced filters or constraints in the search so it can be run server side.


Hello @nico.dicagno

If this search is not running in a backend workflow … then it is done from the client interacting with the server to bring in to the page the results of that search

Thank you, I might transfer the operation to the back-end.

From what i understand the bubble engine is smart regarding what operations can be done on the server side.
For example the :count operator will run server-side (if no advanced constraints or filters are present) and only send the client the resulting integer, it will not send all the things that resulted from the search.

In the operation i listed above there are three options really,
a) the server will feed the client all the Things that resulted from the search
b) the server only feeds the list of Numbers of the Things, and the averaging has to run client side
c) the server only feeds the final averaged Number, allowing for the client to run nothing.

I really hope that its option C, but im not sure it actully is.

Thanks again

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Check the DOM inspector info in Chrome on searches to reconfirm your understanding

This great article by @petter may provide some insights:


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