Is this business idea applicable with bubble?

Hi guys, i am freshman on bubble environment.
We are thinking to create a website that has quiz and after answering the questions, it will suggest related products.

In our example,
we have 100 different companies who sells pens. According to answers from quiz, we will suggest pens to customers.

1-can we do web scraping and showing pens with price and descriptions on bubble ?
2- can we create a logic/quiz that each questions will have product attributes and it will suggest the products after selections accordingly.


Generally this is illegal in most jurisdictions I think, although the practice is somewhat common. I don’t know if you can build something to scrap other sites, but you can connect to APIs

Yes, just put your mind to how that relation would work.

Web scraping is perfectly legal if the information obtained is publicly available and the website owner has no restrictions on accessing or using it. Additionally, some websites allow web scraping and provide APIs to facilitate it.

Thanks for the clarification. I would have put the use of an API and web scraping into two different categories, but the idea of legality if it is publicly available and owner has no restrictions is insightful.

Any ideas on how to setup a Bubble app to perform some web scraping? I think the OP was looking for ideas on how to do that from Bubble, and I’m unaware of any.

There’s been a few threads on this here. This video tutorial should give a good idea on how to approach a simple scraping setup with Bubble

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