Is this possible with Bubble & OpenAI / AI services

Hi Guys,

I want to build a tool that summarises what a business does.

For example, the user would provide their client’s Company name and/or website.

The tool would visit the website and return a summary of what the business does.

ChatGPT can do this, I wonder if this is possible to implement with the OpenAI assistant API, my understanding is the API can’t access the internet.

Appreciate your help.

OpenAI released new features to the public that are on paid plans that do allow internet searches as part of the API usage…but, you could always first use a plugin to scrape the website and feed the HTML to the ChatGPT API.

Whatever ChatGPT allows you to do, you can make a Bubble app control that, so I’d suggest looking closer at OpenAI documentation and see what is possible with it.

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