Isn't live version - possibly the most confusing condition?

Please Please Bubble change the ‘Isn’t live version is yes/no’ back to ‘Is development version’
Even as an experienced dev dealing with a double negative like that after a long day of working in Bubble still throws me and gives me a headache.

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I guess the choice made by Bubble here is relevant when you work with multiple versions (not only dev and live). When you say “is development version” then you’re assuming you’re not in live neither in a secondary or tertiary version.

Whereas the condition “isn’t live version” applies in all versions that are not the production (live) one.

That’s my theory.


Possibly, but even then its still incredibly confusing syntax especially if Bubble is trying to get non-coders on board.

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I have to work it out from the development first … “development ISN’T the live version” so … YES. That means live is NO.

However, I think @arthur.kieffer is right. There are now lots of “Development” versions. And you need the double negative because it used to be “Is Development” hence the need to preserve “Yes” for Dev.

(as a footnote, there are a number of plugins that are getting this wrong, and think that anything that isn’t version-test must be live, which isn’t the case for multiple dev versions).


Ha! I see I’m not the only one who struggles with that, @help.

I mean… other people not struggling with this is no. :laughing:


hahah very good

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It’s late, my head can’t calculate double negatives, and I’m trying to ensure my workflow doesn’t send e-mails outside of the live version … and I recall this discussion

We can create lots of development versions but we only have one live version. Would it not be simpler just to have “Live version only” is “YES” or “NO” ?


Oh, far far simpler !

But we already have a legacy of the opposite in our apps. Hence the logic entanglement.


What if we could label our versions and then build an only when expression like:

Current app version is …

Personally I only use the dev and the live version but I understand this can get very confusing if you have different saved versions.

Would everyone like that?
Would that be an option for the bubble engineers @eve ?

Edit: actually whe already label our deployments, so hopefully this is something doable

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There you go!
Never used it but its already there!

you can just think as “yes”=true, and “no”=False,

isn’t live version? TRUE that


Haha that’s a good way of thinking about it

I always tell myself they did this so that rookies who just call “Isn’t live version” alone, without a “is yes” or “is no” will be protected in the best possible way. Surely someone did this for a really good reason. Surely.

NoCode… Is in live version (Yes or No) Simple for NoCode

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It could have been “is live version” then, it makes more sense.

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true, I’m starting to think “isn’t live version” as “is dev version”, because even branches other than main are always dev. I find it more convenient.

Think of it like:

  • Isn’t Live version? === Is Dev version?

Then the expressions are like:
Isn’t Live version? is “yes” === Is Dev version is “yes”;
Isn’t Live version? is “no” === Is Dev version? is “no”;


Put in “Idea Board”…
You’ll get tons of likes !!!

Bubble could do a one time reversal of the booleans. I’ve seen similar stuff done before.