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ISO 27001 certification

Would it be possible to get an ISO 27001 certification for a Bubble app? And if this is the case, what would be required to do in order to get certified? Thanks for your reply in advance.

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My understanding of these standards, is that they do not mandate anything, but provide an outline of elements/definitions. It is up to the organisation to define how these individual elements will be applied in the organisation and how these will be monitored and audited for compliance.

It is basically a framework that is applied by an organisation to measure itself against.

So, in theory…there should be no reason not to get certified, but it would take a lot of work to define the management system relative to the application.

Not sure, I know it can be applicable to any business and have also option to certified your products (softwares or apps). Better, you need to consult with the ISO auditors or certification body. They will provide you the information you required.

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