Issue to load my page on Ipad

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building a website and i was ready to lunch it, but in the testing phase i took the Ipad of a friend and here come the mess. The website globally work but on certain page i have this message:

Which said for my non french friends “this navigator does not allow you to record sounds. Please use another browser” (i have on my website some mic recorder)

So i used on the Ipad Safari, firefox, chrome and Opera. Same issues, the Ipad is an Ipad air 5 up to date.

I precise that my page work well on my samsung tablet. Would anyone have some suggestions ?

On an iPad go to :
Settings → Safari → Microphone → Allow
Settings → Privacy & Security → Microphone → Toggle On Web App

Thank you William, but it’s still not working for me, the issue seem to be due to the plugin “audio recorder and visualizer” by bubble, when i remove the audiorecorder from the page, i don’t get the error message anymore. Do you have an other idea ? :grinning:

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