Issue with Facebook Ads Graph API Call, Dynamic Endpoint

Hello, I am trying to create an API call in my application which pulls the adspend from the FB Graph API based on the Ad Account Insights API. The issue I am having is the API endpoint itself needs to be a dynamically stored asset in our Database, the Ad Account ID. Here is an example call

I bolded the dynamic portion, act_323232323232. In order to get these ID’s, we need to make a separate call to the /me/adaccounts endpoint and allow the user to check off the ad accounts they are looking to associate with there account application table. Then, later we will need to occasionally (daily, weekly or monthly in the BACKEND and store that into a table) reference that selected ad account ID to pull the adspend from FB. We could have the user click a button to pull this adspend if needed, but ideally it would be a fully automated backend process.

The problem is when I associate the ID with dynamic param tag [] the call will always fail. What’s the best way to approach this issue, or is this an issue where bubble can not resolve? We do have JS devops internally that can build a custom plugin if that’s the correct method.

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Hi Anthony,

Were you able to come up with a solution to this?


Any updates on this?

Hi all,

Wondering if there was ever a solution found for this? I’m hoping to do something similar.


Maybe you are associating the ID as a Number but is a STRING.

Here that works fine.

Following - were you able to figure this out?