Issue with input currency

Can other user confirm a sudden issue (seem to have started in last hours, maybe related to this release: Refactor of our Input Mask code, re-enabling Input Mask on Android)

Currency input seemto add a lot of 0 and we cannot enter anymore decimal (you enter 7.25 and the field give 725.00)


Hey @Jici! If you haven’t already done so, please ping us a bug report – it’s pretty likely that the issue does trace to the deploy, but we’d like to check and make sure!

Edit: Scratch that, we see your bug report and are investigating now. Thanks for flagging!

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Yes me too.
Been trying to figure what’s going last hour. Thought it was my end but look like it’s Bubble bug.

Look like there’s an issue with input expressions.
input A value + Input B Value = doesn’t compute. It’s always nil.


Please let engineering know that input elements are throwing errors when referenced in searches. See screenshot for an example. The input is a date element, and a search referencing that cannot read it.



We just rolled out a code change that should fix the majority of the issues - please refresh your editors to fix them!

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Looks good now. Thanks!

Not seem to be solved for me. At least for display of data from DB
And also to modify or enter data

@Jici apologies for the issues - a fix for your application is going out now, should be live in a couple of minutes

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Seem good now thanks! @cal

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