Issue with sending file type with Backend Workflow APU

I have set up a backend worflow in Bubble that takes a file object as one of the parameters. When I try doing a POST request to the API, I get a 400 error saying that ‘field for file is missing’, even though I am passing the pdf file as one of my paramaters in the form-data field. I try removing the field for the file parameter and it works fine, so I know it’s not an auth isssue The error is only when I pass the file parameter and the Bubble API fails to detect the file for some reason.

Hi @mitesh.collab,
I think Bubble backend API converts everything to JSON, so you are probably going to receive a JSON with a buffer list with the file’s base64 values. I would suggest using the ‘detect’ option to see what you are getting. you may need to create a small server-side plugin to convert the JSON you receive to a file object or do it in the backend logic somehow.

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