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Issues With Bubble data table displays

Hey, I would be much appreciated if anyone could help me out. Ive come back to bubble after a few weeks and there seems to have been a slight layout change for me. This isn’t the issue, the issue is that when I go into (Data>App Data) All my databases for all my users are not displaying, its just a blank screen. I have now tried this on multiple apps and it seems to be a problem on all. It’s probably not a big but just ben not knowing where to click. If someone could help me sort it that would be great!

I am aware that in that screenshot I am in developer mode, but i get the exact same screen on the live version as well.

If anyone could lend me a hand, that will be great!


Much Appreciated. :+1:

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I’m having the same issue, it shows new records in small font by the search bar (3 new entries) but the screen is blank for me. It was fine before I deleted my old records… any idea what’s going on? Is this a glitch?

The fix is to actually zoom in. So Press Ctrl and scroll up using your mouse wheel and it’ll fix the problem

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Thank you! That worked :slight_smile:

ha! just experienced the same problem and found this forum. thank you all!