Issues with buying subscription


I was trying to upgrade myself to Personal plan. I reside in India and used two cards AMEX and HDFC. Both of them payment got declined. The message i got from banks is if the vendor is not compliant with new RBI rules the payment doesnt go through. Anyone here from INdia for whom the payment is happening fine.

Hi there.

I have also had the same issue. I spoke with the Bubble Team, and they are manually sending me an invoice every month, which I am paying using an International Credit Card. This is very problematic for me, as I have to do a lot of gymnastics just to pay.

Called up HDFC and they are not very helpful in this regards. Can Bubble offer another solution for us to pay please?

You can use ICICI Credit card. I was able to pay using ICICI Card

Thank you. I don’t have ICICI. I will probably have to find another solution. HDFC & SBI don’t work though.

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Do check out the new checkout flow that accommodates Indian payment methods! 3D Secure Cards (India) can now subscribe to Bubble plans