Issues with complex app that have all content on 1 page

Hey guys, I really need your help.

Who have made applications with the menu and all the content on 1 page (the content is displayed depending on the menu option)?

Need advice on the optimal solution in order to properly implement the “editing” and “creating new things” modes on 1 page.

Now everything is difficult for me. Take a look on “Commission”, as an example:

Each time I change the section of the app, 20+ “Do when condition is true” events + a large “Page is loaded” are triggered. (All to reset groups and inputs)
I use both parameters in the link, and a plugin for Local / Session storage (for example if it is a mode for editing, I create in Session storage “editing” which is equal to “true”).

As a result, the page loads slowly, I can not fix the bug (sometimes if I change the section to the same, but switch from “edit” mode to “create new” the content of inputs does not reset)

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  • Reorganize the app to ensure that all structural content groups be invisible by default
  • Condition the above groups to be visible upon url parameters for menu and section
  • Choose a method to display your default content for the the first page load … by revealing the default content group, by becoming visible upon a pre-loaded url parameter for the menu option, by XYZ you prefer
  • The above should eliminate the use of “do when condition is true” events for visibility
  • Thereafter the loading of information depends on how you structured your dB in order to optimize searches. Take a look at this video Data architecture design in for guidance >
  • Minimize filtering where possible. Also consider reading this great post on performance > A fair and honest chat about Performance

Enjoy your build! :+1:

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I think you missed the point of view of my issue

Oh I am sorry about that. Just tried to help :+1:

I understood the problem being that everytime you change a section of the app 20+ events + a large page is loaded is triggered. I have seen apps where a complicated set of states is used for visibility/data loading/etc, and thought that this is what you may be experiencing. And in those apps it is very difficult to continue adding logic thereafter precisely because one keeps on building the web of conditionals.