Native app in one page - groups navigation

Dear Fellow Bubble-builders,

It might be basic, but I want to build a native app. I read that it looks/feels/only possible if I do it on one page.

I just can’t do the navigation: the challenge starts when I don’t know the previous page, like at the main menu, which is floating in my case on the side and you can click it anywhere. So the basic Hide/Show Workflow doesn’t work here.

Could anyone give me a hint how should I setup my Workflow?

I’ll tell you how I do it and you can see if this would work for you.

My main page has a conditional state that I’ve called “focus”.
All the groups are set to not appear on page load.
The groups have conditional logic that says, “When page’s Focus is x (this group), then this element is visible”.
All the navigation in the app just changes the main pages state of “focus”.

For example. On page load, I’ll set main page’s focus to “Dashboard”. (The group Dashboard is conditionally set to appear when main page’s focus is “Dashboard”.)
Then if they click the profile page icon on my floating menu, I change the main pages focus to “Profile” (The group containing the profile page is conditionally set to appear when the main page’s focus is “Profile”)
And so on…


@deliriousmiles thank you very much for the help. It looks really great.
I had to do a quick fix, but I’ve seen its not so elegant/efficient way (each group has another custom state and value and I had to say at each button, etc. one by one that they have to disappear…)
I’ll try your way, but I’m sure that’s how I am going to do it. :+1:

Hey delirious, was wondering what you mean by “conditional state”? Did you have to create a custom state?