Issues with Intersects with/Contains - Matching items in two repeating groups

Hi All - have been playing with this for a while and can’t find a solution.

I have two repeating groups.

The first RG contains data from an API (Google Search Console) that shows the last 30 days worth of data.
The second RG contains data from the same API but for the previous 30 day period (i.e. 31-61 days).
No data is stored in the Bubble Database, everything is happening directly from the API.

What I want to do is have a couple of additional columns in the first RG that show the ‘Query’ from the second RG, where it is a match and then also return the corresponding ‘Rank’ from that second RG. Then I want to do a simple calculation in the Change column, that is the difference between the two Ranks.

Hopefully the screenshot explains this a bit better:

I have been playing with ‘Intersects with’ but not getting very far:

I’d need to experiment with this to be sure on the solution, but my initial thought would be to approach this via a conditional.

The “intersect with” is for a “list to list” comparison. Here you are doing an item to list comparison… ie is this item in that list, and if so, then show this data.

So you could try to add a conditional to that text, where if the current row’s item “is in” the other list, then show the item name and do the calculation. If the current row item is not in the other list, then have the content for the cell be blank.

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