Issues with preparing data for charts

Hi all,

I am having issues with organizing my database to make charts.

The data I want to plot exists is the result of a series of questions asked to the user.

I have tried saving the data as 2 “lists of things” (1 for categories and 1 for values) within “user”. One is a list of text, the other a list of numbers.

With this way:

  • I can only use the amcharts plugin, as the jscharts plugin does not accept lists as input.
  • I am having the problem that when I try to sort the values in the chart, the X-axis labels are not associated with the values so the values sort, leaving all the labels in the wrong place.

Another strategy I tried is:
I could save the data as a new “type” (so not within “user” but separately), but how can I

  • Tie a set of inputs to a user so it can be saved, shared and retrieved upon later login?
  • Prevent the database from flooding with each and every value ever put in?

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated!


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