Issues with redirect URI - Google and Facebook login

Today its hard to implement Google sign in with any dynamic parameters in the url. Example: Sign-in using google

Facebook is going to implement strict redirect URI (same as Google does now) starting march 2018 and I suspect many people’s apps may break because of that.

@emmanuel - would it be possible to add support for customizing the redirect URI and adding states in the google and facebook plugins?

(Assuming there is not another simpler another solution for dynamic redirect URIs)


We currently don’t have such plans, though we could look into it if this if that becomes necessary. We’ll see is this becomes an important issue for our users.

Thanks but is this not a decision you can make before the security update happens?

If you don’t support this change, then my app will break (I presume same for many others). So I need to spend many hours re-doing all the signup and login flows to prepare for this.

On the other hand, if you do plan to support this then the timing is very important. If you add support AFTER the Facebook change, then I have to re-do all the flows, and re-do them again when you add support for this.

Am I making sense?

See this

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This security change is causing issues with some facebook login instances. Has anyone been able to fix this?