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Item moved out of group and won’t go back in

Hello. I have items(an image, text and eight check boxes) I grouped them into a group. Somehow one of the check boxes moved and is no longer grouped with the others. I moved it back in the group but it’s not part of the group. I tried regrouping all the elements but that doesn’t work either. How do I get the one check box back into the group? Thank you in advance


In the editor, you should be able to physically move elements directly into a group on the page, or you can group elements together by selecting them individually while holding the Shift key, go to the ‘Arrange’ dropdown menu, and click ‘Group elements in a group’. These quick tip tutorials offer a demonstration of how to group or ungroup elements. If this is not working for you, I recommend reaching out to Bubble Support directly so that your particular app can be looked into. Hope this helps!

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