Javascript on elements

I"m trying to add some customization to an input element with javascript and it’s not working. I know my code is working because I have created a test input element using html (not the bubble input element) and my code works as expected on that. But when I try to point it towards the bubble element it doesn’t work.

I have also noticed similar behaviour with a group where I tried to use custom css to change the background colour of the group which I was unable to do. I could align the group as I wanted but changing the colour didn’t work.

Is there some override that bubble uses on certain things that makes it so javascript and/or css doesn’t work or is there always a way to do any customization you want and I’m just missing something in my javascript code?

I know this might be easier to answer with some screenshots but before I go to the effort of simplifying everything so it is forum postable, I thought I just see if there are any general guidelines I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance.

Have you turned on IDs for elements? It’s in the settings for your app. This will allow you to manually assign unique IDs for elements on your page, which in turn you can use with JS or CSS to target specific things.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes I had done that. I realized it was the fact that my javascript wasn’t running even though I had it in an html element positioned inside the same group as the input. Not sure why it wasn’t but it wasn’t.

When I ran the javascript as an action every time the input was visible, it worked great.

Thanks again.


I am also stucked within same Java issue.

Did you try the solution I suggested?