Javascript to Bubble not working on Safari

Currently testing on an iPhone 8 Safari 13.
When using Trigger event with a Javascript to Bubble element nothing happens. The event is never triggered. Publish value also doesn’t seem to do anything.

Can somebody confirm this please? Is it working on newer versions?

Have you tried testing on a desktop? Have you tried testing on different browser types?

Give a test on different devices/browsers to determine you have setup your javascript correctly to begin with.

Yes, it’s working everywhere else. I don’t have access to a mac or updated versions of Safari tho.
But the implementation is not the problem.

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js to bubble worked for me just now on safari v14.0.3 macbook air.

However Bubble’s notification server seemed not to work, i.e. the page didn’t receive updates from changed dynamic data. (updates coming thru on firefox) (edit - data updates now working on safari, super reliable haha)

How are you calling the function, is it reliant on a data condition?

Barebones simplest implementation.

  • Create JS to Bubble element on page
  • Name the function - Tick Trigger event
  • Page load → JS → bubble_fn_foo()
  • JS to Bubble event → JS → alert(“hello”)

I think this is the likely problem area - it depends on the timing of the browser rendering JS2B vs on page loaded event.

I’d expect an error something like reference error: no such function bubble_fn_foo

Can you view the browser console? idk how on an iphone …

Try with a Page load → pause 2 secs → JS → bubble_fn_foo()

If working with pause, it will need a more robust method of waiting for the function to exist.

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Do you think having a do when condition is true workflow will work with condition being ‘page is loaded is yes and JS bubble_fn element is visible’ as my assumption with the element is visible would imply the function exist on the page at that stage?

It doesn’t solve the issue. I think the Page loaded event makes sure that all elements including the JS to Bubble elem is rendered. I’m not sure how to check logs on an iPhone unfortunately.

Page load is not causing this issue.
If I add a Button → Click → JS bubble_fn_foo(1) it still doesn’t work.
JS to Bubble event is not triggered.
If I wait 2s then alert(‘JstoBubble elem’s value’) I get nothing on Safari 13.

Works everywhere else I’m testing.

I don’t think that is enough, it has to have run its update code as well. I’ll give you some lines to add to the JS …

Hmmm okay I agree it doesn’t sound like timing then!

After all these years I’m not even surprised stuff doesn’t work on Safari. :yawning_face:
At least it seems they fixed it in newer versions. Whatever the cause.

this is for iPhone 6 or newer

Thanks, I can’t test this without a Mac unfortunately

I’ll have to get hold of an iphone to test with, and figure out what’s happening.

Does this page work on iphone 8 safari?

Do you get issues with other plugins?

I wonder if its the RunJS breaking, rather than JStoBubble …

It doesn’t work.

Can you test this page on iphone?

This one doesn’t use RunJS

Doesn’t work either

Thanks for running all those tests. I’m outa ideas for tonight.

No worries, let me know if I can help with anything else. I’ll have access to this phone for the next 24 hrs. Iphone 13.1.2 and whatever Safari that comes with.