JavaScript to Bubble -

Hi there;

I copied the payment system with an example.

The example allows me to start paying and connect to the pop-up and payment interface. So far everything is normal. I’m paying with the test card, which seems normal and paid succsesful in the Sandbox.

However, after the callback, “redirect successful” page seems in pop-up, thats ok. The “javascript to bubble event” must trigger a workflow . This didn’t happen

Is there anyone who can help?

@NigelG I told you I solved the problem the other day after sharing it with you and i published working version. I turned my application into a working version this morning. But it still didn’t work. Can you help me, please

I couldn’t get out of it. Someone who could show where my mistake was would be very helpful.

My app

User “Buyer1” can complete the exchange.

4766620000000001 working test card