Job Opportunity in Melbourne Australia

I’m a founder based out of Melbourne, Australia and will be looking for a full-time bubble developer to be joining the team soon.

Just putting a little post out, to see if there are any locals around?

Will involve the complete gambit of developments, from UI and UX + front end, to the back-end structures, API, and more.

Let me know if you are available, to grab a coffee bellow, and we will get in touch.

Please don’t comment or post, if you are not currently in Melbourne or Sydney Australia. Thank you.

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Hey mate. I’m in Melbourne and just sent you a PM.



How did you go @maurice finding some help in Aus?

I am looking for someone to help out on a project also.


Hi Duncs,

There are many people based here in Australia. I caught up with Brett.Miles (who posted above). Might be worth for you to reach out to him.


Hey mate are you still doing bubble stuff?

Hi. How are you doing?
I am bubble developer based in Melbourne