Json in database display individual fields

I would like to extract individual fields from json stored in database. Is it possible?

There are several ways to do this, so it depends where it fits in your app …

In the API Workflow …

  • Use Bubble’s string processing functions. This can work okay for simple JSON with plain values.

  • Using the API connector Send it to an external server API which sends it back to you, and have the connector parse the JSON for you.

On a Bubble page, same methods as above, plus …

  • Toolbox plugin “Expression”
    JSON.parse('dynamic value').propertyname
    This outputs a string, which you can then use in a text element or wherever.

  • Toolbox plugin workflow step “Run javascript”
    bubble_fn_myproperty(JSON.parse('dynamic value').propertyname)
    Then setup “Javascript to Bubble” to receive the value.


Thank you for your comprehensive answer :slight_smile:

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@mishav Thank you for this! Such a simple solution to such a common problem people are still encountering re: parsing/manipulating JSON on the front-end. Couldn’t be easier!