JSON payload error - Google Docs API

Hi All,

Anyone able to pick out why this JSON syntax is getting an error? See screenshots…

Everything Oauth is fine, my Bearer token is fine, I’m sure it’s my bad JSON …? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s not valid. I get that JSON formatting can be challenging to learn. Use a validation tool (locally, just use your editor, e.g., VSCode). But, if that’s not handy, use something like https://jsonlint.com/


Also be aware that sometimes a POST thinks it wants JSON but doesn’t really. Bubble can mess it up even when using valid JSON in the body.

Check in the API docs for what it is really asking for.

Thank you both. This nearly killed me last night, until 2am, changing brackets and commas - you all know the feeling! For some reason I didn’t see this ‘Try It’ on the Google documentation, this just builds the expression for you, now works a charm.

“requests”: [
“replaceAllText”: {
“replaceText”: “John Smith”,
“containsText”: {
“text”: “[[fullName]]”,
“matchCase”: false

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