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Junior developer

Hello everyone, I am a bubble developer looking for a role as a junior developer, so as to acquire more experience and knowledge building live projects. I have 7 months of experience building with bubble and have built a couple of excellent projects. Below is the link to one of my major projects. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Not to be over critical here…

But if you’re going to share examples of your work, in the hope of landing a role as a developer, I’d make sure that what you share isn’t just a completely non-functional page where nothing works and nothing happens when you click on anything…

You want to be showcasing your skills as a developer, to prove to potential clients or employers that you have the ability to create functional websites… not make them think you can’t even make simple things like basic navigation… there’s nothing on show here at all (other than the design)…

It appears this ‘major project’ of yours is nowhere near finished, and certainly not something you’d want to be showing off as your best work (yet)…

So, keep at it, keep learning, and keep developing… but I’d hold off showcasing your work until you’ve got something that’s actually finished, and actually works, otherwise you won’t be doing yourself any favours at all!..


Hello, thank you for your feedback, i can assure you my work is 80% complete, if you don’t mind me walking you through the app, thefurnishpro is a 4 pages web app, landing page, category, product and checkout. On the landing page, I have listed out the categories contained within the app, which is seating, bedroom, storage, accessories, tables and rugs(displayed with images, immediately under the welcome group), seating, bedroom, and storage already have products saved in them, clicking on any of this will take you to the next page(category). from there you should be able to click on any product and easily navigate through the app.

I’ve put in 10 days of work into this, and seeing that I’m new to with such a project, I can boldly say it’s an excellent project and I’m just getting started. I will take your advice and in no time everything would be 100%.

I would really appreciate if you can check again and give another review so as to clarify that it’s not “ a completely non-functional page where nothing works and nothing happens when you click on anything”. Thank you.

Sure… here’s a quick overview (complete with screenshots)…

  1. The links in the Top Bar above the header are completely non-functional
  2. Only 2 of the dropdowns in the header open a dropdown menu (the rest do nothing)
  3. The account/user icon in the header is non-functional
  4. The main button in the hero image does nothing

  1. None of the links in ANY of the header navigation are clickable (i.e. they’re non-functional)

  1. The shopping cart icon is clickable, although the number on top of it is not… so it’s very hard to click. Clicking the icon does open the shopping cart focus menu… but it seems ALL of the products on your site are FREE so it’s rather pointless having a shopping cart (or it isn’t working correctly)
  2. Adding and removing items from the shopping cart does not work
  3. The checkout process doesn’t not work

  1. Nothing else on the main page is clickable (with one exception outlined below), so almost the entire page is non-functional

  1. Nothing on the entire footer is clickable:

In fact, the ONLY part of the page which does anything is this bit:

… but when you click on most of the it takes you to a completely blank page, so it’s still completely non-functional in any meaningful way (only the seating and bedroom options open any additional content)

So, out of the 11 things I’ve mentioned, only one of them really does anything, and even that doesn’t work fully…


Your missing the point. Projects are basically your resume… would you rock up to interview with a resume only “80%” filled out?

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This is a webpage with many different buttons, and the fact that it’s a store makes things 10x more complicated. Would you waste your time on a fully completed website that will most likely never get used? Not unless you don’t really have anything else to do in your free time.

  1. At the moment I haven’t set those up( review appreciated)

  2. only two drop downs work for now just to show that I understand how to use custom states.

  3. user icon in the header is not functional because I haven’t allowed that yet, for some platforms, users signing up isn’t really critical to the process. Which is why for now I have enabled guest check out experience, even at that users should be given a chance to sign up at least.( just realizing this is bad, I will make corrections).

  4. The main button on the hero image works.

  5. Feedback appreciated, I will make them work.

  6. Thank you, I will apply the same work flow to the number on the cart icon.(all products on the app is not free, you’ve selected products which doesn’t have prices on them yet, I will add prices to them as soon as possible, Thank you).

  1. Adding and removing items from the shopping cart works. (Thank you thou)

  2. The check out process works.

  3. I’ll put in more work on my landing page, thank you.

I0. I’ll put in more work on my landing page, thank you.

  1. I’ll put in more work on my landing page, thank you. ( I really didn’t know I was meant to create and add social media links to a none existing store, I’ll probably just direct users to my own social media instead).

P:S this webpage is a none existing store, I decided to recreate something like this using bubble. To show my skills and get myself a JUNIOR DEVELOPER ROLE. As a matter of fact things like this is why I’ve chosen to apply for that specific role, so as to get more knowledge and experience building with bubble. If I could do this so well I would have been applying for the role of an intermediate or senior developer. I’m just starting off and I must say this is indeed a good experience and motivation. Thank you so much.

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That’s great… you’re on the right track - it’s a great looking site, and shows off some good design skills…

But if you’re looking for a developer role, you’ll probably need to show off more of your experience in creating functional applications, so maybe create some simpler apps that actually work, so potential employers can see that you know how to make things work…

Showing potential employers things that don’t work, are unfinished, or don’t work correctly will likely not help you get a role and may put them off…

Good luck :slight_smile:


Definitely not, I agree with you. But are you saying as someone who is just starting off with, looking to gain more knowledge and experience, I should have 100% working apps in my portfolio?

Thank you, you don’t mind me sending it to you again, after I’ve made necessary improvements, do you?

Sure, no problem…

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I’d agree with others here. If you want to land a job as a developer, you must showcase functional website/app. Now it doesn’t have to be a complicated one. It can be as simple as a to-do list, or a basic Task management app.
A beautifully designed web app without functionality can land you a role as a designer, but it will be difficult to get a developer job with that.

Solution: Make a few small simple apps that are functional.

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The thing is, I went through this forum before posting my application and I saw newbie developers with simple apps get ignored. I have simple applications such as RSVP, a simple product hunt, etc. I have applied for the position of a Junior developer with these apps, and somehow it wasn’t still good enough. Which was why I challenged myself to build something not simple.

This can differ for people but what we are talking about here is the general good practices of finding freelance work. My first-ever demo project was a project management app, and I still use this in my portfolio. This one took me only a week to build and is non-responsive (desktop only). This one to be precise:

If you feel like you need something more solid than your current project, then make sure that you have a 100% functional e-commerce store instead of a semi or non-functional one. However, even the e-commerce store (and a demo project in general) doesn’t have to be that complicated. I have DMed you a demo of a simple B2B e-commerce project that I did for a client. You can either complete the project that you have shared above and make it 100% functional, or you can replicate mine if you feel that it will be less work.


Thank you deejay🤝!!!

We are looking to hire, do reach out to me on [email protected]