Keep or retain the value of custom state when page is refresh

hello guys , am creating a single page app, my problem is i will like to know if there is any way where i can retain the value of a custom state when the page is refreshed?. example group a is the default group on the page, when i trigger group b i will like group b to still be visible when the page is refreshed … this is just what i want to achieve …

Use url parameter

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States are only temporary they will reset when the page is gone. There is a plugin you can use to capture /path in the url, for example :

@Jici @danielowega , have tried using the plugin but am still not able to get it right, right now after the page is refreshed it does to the default page but the url is actually the page i want to see.

Small demo to what I mean

@Jici my app is a single page app, your demo is actually doing what i want, the problem is how do i send the parameters to the group ?

I use a conditional to show when url parameter is …
Check my Text field conditionnal i tried doing that but still

Doesn’t have access to your app.

you can try now

If I understand, you aks for user to refresh the page right? not using a workflow with action refresh page?

yes refresh the page

try now. This is a little bit different but will work even if this is the user that refresh the page. Only set for facebook button

if am right using workflow and using the browser to refresh the page are the same right?

@Jici thanks but what was i doing wrong ?

In the url parameter, you didn’t set the title of the parameter and not sure you was setting it properly on button click