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Lastpass constantly tries to recognise ordinary editor fields as passwords


Lastpass (an otherwise really convenient password manager) constantly tries to suggest new cool passwords to enter as widths or heights of the elements in editor. Anybody seen this behaviour before and knows how to prevent it… It kind of gets tedious sometimes…
It might have something to do with how bubble presents these fields that gets them recognised as such?

Not super familiar with Lastpass, never got past the onboarding phase really, but I have the extension installed and see their logo in pretty much every input I encounter… I think you can stop it in your Lastpass Account Settings > URL Rules by adding this:

…but I may be completely wrong. Just a thought, good luck!

I just turn off LastPass for the Editor

Tried that but unsuccessfully. Seems to be a tough bastard to defeat… :slight_smile:
To which ban-list should bubble added to prevent lastpass from trying to generate passwords for me but still be able to fill in the logging-in-part?

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