Layout help with positioning

Can someone point me to a resource to understand layout in Bubble? It literally makes no sense whatsoever to me. You position something on the screen, then run preview and it appears in a completely different place. You adjust the position of the items in an attempt to correct it. Preview, they are in a new place but NOT where you put them. Responsive mode completely trashes your layout when it gets small and trying to make a small layout goes crazy when it displays big.

Is there an absolute positioning mode where when you put something someplace - it stays there? I am about to lose my mind.

I understand your frustration – I’ve been there. I’m almost certain what’s going on is you’re running into challenges with responsive mode which is designed to make your site look good on different screen sizes. So, while responsive is useful when you know how it works, it’s incredibly frustrating when you don’t.

A few solutions:

  • You can set your page to be fixed width. This will turn off the responsive settings. In other words, it’ll position elements on an absolute basis.
  • If / when you want to make your pages responsive, then I’d suggest spending a couple hours reviewing the video’s from Bubble on this topic and also perhaps some 3rd party videos. Additionally, it’ll feel tricky / confusing the first few times you do it but once you learn some of the tricks, it becomes much easier.

Thanks, after reading your note, I did exactly that. I’ll grow into the responsive thing but for now will lean heavily on fixed width. I also discovered on my phone I can pinch the page and it will shrink to fit for demoing.

Thanks for the response.

I strongly suggest learning responsive from the beginning so you don’t have to go back and redo things. Something i wish i would have done. I try to split the screen in 3 sections now. Makes it look nice and also fits mobile phones as well. I think it is worth your time to try to do some testing with responsiveness. :slight_smile: